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How Many Packs/Bundles are Needed for a Full Sewn-In?

It is recommended that 3 bundles are needed for a full weave depending on your own desired fullness. Hair length plays a major role in fullness. Typically longer lengths weight less, whereas the shorter hair lengths weigh more. Please use your own discretion.

Do you sell custom colored hair?

At the present time we do not sell custom colored hair. Some strands can appear lighter or darker which is perfectly normal and typical of hair from a sunny country where hair lightens with exposure to the sun. Please specify in comments box at time of purchase if you prefer a color that leans more darker or lighter. We pride ourselves on the fact that the hair we sell is 100% virgin hair. Unprocessed. Natural color. No dyes. If you are interested in coloring the hair yourself it is perfectly safe. Be careful and make sure to use a great conditioner.

I noticed that some of the bundles have a slight lighter hair color than other bundles I have ordered previously. I also discovered a few grey hairs present, is this normal?

Absolutely. This is perfectly normal. Please understand that 100% pure Virgin hair is untreated hair. It comes from various donors. Some donors are older than others and vice versa. Each donor will have a different hair curl pattern and hair color ranging anywhere from an off black to a natural brown color, and yes, even a few gray strands here or there. At no time will virgin hair bundles ever look the same because all hair is not donated by the same person. What is always consistent is the raw and natural quality of the hair. The gorgeous texture and gentle blend that it has with your own natural hair.

Should I Co-Wash the hair prior to install?

Yes, but do not use a shampoo at first. Conditioners are best. Shampoos are only meant to clean hair. It does not condition hair. It does not curl hair. Although shampooing is necessary, it's only meant to cleanse the hair; meaning it's primary role is to remove dirt and oil build up from scalp so that hair follicles can grow healthy, that is it. The excessive use of shampoo can actually cause hair to dry, harden and frizz up leading to breakage and shedding. Conditoners work best because it hydrates hair and moisturizes. It also gives hair more definition and volume. Don't use protein-based conditioners to co-wash, as they can lead to breakage. Stay away from conditioners labeled deep conditioner or intensive mask. These types of conditioners tend to contain a higher proportion of ingredients that stick to the surface of hair causing build-up. Light based conditioners are best. Make sure hair is saturated with water before applying conditioner.

What is the process for co-washing the hair?

  • Co-wash condition your virgin hair extension prior installing. Do not shampoo at first co-wash. Use conditioner.
  • Wet the hair first.
  • Apply a generous amount of conditioner.
  • Please use wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner evenly down to tips of the hair to ensure no tangle.
  • Do not apply conditioner to areas where the hair weft is attached. Very important!
  • Use wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner evenly through the hair. Do not use your fingers to massage or scrounge up the hair in your hands while washing. This counts as rough treatment and is not necessary to achieve good results.
  • Rinse using cool water.
  • After washing, pat dry it with a dry towel. Do not twist or wring it out. Do not blow dry. Allow to air dry (do not roll or rub hair into a towel). After initial air dry you may then style your hair to personal preference.

After co-wash, will the hair still have a wave/curly pattern?

100% raw and natural virgin hair always has a natural wave or curl pattern after you wash it. Please be mindful that it's actual pattern depends on the hair texture you purchased. There are many such as Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, etc. and because they are different and comes from different hair donors, it should never be expected for all curl/wave patterns to look the exact same. Remember that maintaining your virgin hair's gorgeous look and behavior all has to do with your own personal maintenance and how the hair is cared for and treated before, during, and after installation. For info on how to co-wash please see above info and also visit the hair care tips section of the website.


  • What is Your Refund and Exchange Policy?

  • Due to the nature of our products. Absolutely no refunds will be permitted. Exchanges are accepted within 5 business days of purchase. Shipment charges will be made on all exchanges by the customers.

    PLEASE NOTE: Exchanges can only be accepted by telephone or email confirmation. Because of hygienic purposes, exchanges are not accepted for brushed, combed, washed, color dyed, bleached, or hair that has been cut. 

    Exchanges are only accepted for items that are UNOPENED AND UNUSED; all exchanges must be returned in the original package.

  • Shipping/handling and insurance fees on exchanges are the customer's expense.

    • Product can only be exchanged for something of equal value.
    • How long is shipping time?

      All orders are processed by 2:00pm EST. All orders placed after 2:00pm EST. are processed the very next business day. Shipment on all orders occurs 24-48 hours after orders are placed unless holiday. All orders placed on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday. If holiday falls on Monday then processing will occur the very next business day. Shipment will occur 24-48 hours after process. Your tracking number will be e-mailed to you once your order has been shipped. Please allow 3-5 business days after placing your order to recieve your items. This time frame includes overall processing and shipping turnaround time. It is very important to note the terms of our shipping policy as Body Brazilian Hair does not process or ship orders in adherence to hair appointments and personal schedules. All orders are shipped standard overnight delivery via USPS Shipping Service. Shipping fees and rates are standard and applies to weight of package, named destination, insurance loss of/or damage to the goods during the carriage. All shipping fees are paid to USPS Shipping/Delivery Service not Body Brazilian Hair.

      Shipping fees include handling, packing, and postage costs. We cannot distinguish orders placed separately, shipping fees will apply to each of them. We recommend that you group your items into one order.